Statistic alert! Did you know that 4x as many consumers prefer to watch videos about a brand than read about it? True story. Stand out from the crowd with high-quality video content. Take a look at our services to find out how.

Icon Branding


We produce intelligent branding for a hyperconnected world. How your brand adapts to multiple channels, matters. We work with clients big and small to reposition, refresh or (re)invent their brand and make it relevant for today’s audience.

Icon Design


Do you know your vector from your bitmap, or your RGB from your CMYK? Don’t worry - that’s what we’re here for. Design trends change. When they do, it can leave brands looking outdated. We design everything from logos and menus to sales brochures and magazines.

Icon Crowdfunding


In the past few years, we’ve helped raise in excess of £0.5m in crowdfunding initiatives for start-up restaurants. Dreams have been realised and customers have become backers. We support these projects with video production, photography, strategy and direction. We’re proud to have played a key role in the creation of new companies, and increasing the portfolio of existing ones. Kickstart your business today.

Icon Photography


Great photography is everything. We advise on all aspects, from food styling to props. Specialising in food, travel, interior and reportage photography. Your marketing will never have looked so good...

Icon Strategy


Your branding and creative design is a cog in a big marketing machine, we get that. So we’ll work with you on a consultative basis, and support your marketing strategies with our own creative direction. We’re connected to a diverse team of marketers, PR practitioners and suppliers to fully support larger integrated communications projects.